Residential Cleaning

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Cleaning Service

Living and Dining Areas


  •     Check for cobwebs, and dust everything high up.
  •     Dust all blinds, drapes and ledges.
  •     Spot clean windows – close all drapes and blinds.
  •     Dust pictures, knick knacks and dust all furniture.
  •     Remove cushions from furniture and whisk out crumbs.
  •     Spot clean walls, clean light switches and all baseboards.
  •     Vacuum all areas and move all light furniture (carefully).
  •     Be sure to check and vacuum door tracks.
  •     Vacuum underneath all heavy furniture.
  •     Mop our way out.


Bathroom Areas


  •     Check for cobwebs and dust everything high up.
  •     Put dirty laundry (towels) in the dirty hamper.
  •     Clean shower walls and doors (curtain), work down to the tub.
  •     Clean bath tub, including rinsing and polishing fixtures.
  •     Spot clean walls, clean light switches and dust baseboards.
  •     Clean sinks, mirrors and counter top, polish everything.
  •     Thoroughly clean the toilet and surrounding area.
  •     Empty trash, clean and replace bag.
  •     Vacuum floor and mop our way out.


Kitchen Area


  •     Dust everything high up, including the cabinets.
  •     Clean refrigerator including seals, trays, bins, shelves etc.
  •     Clean microwave: inside, tray, top, and door.
  •     Ask to remove any open food or trash.
  •     Clean out coffee pot, especially the grids.
  •     Clean all counter tops, and front of cabinets.
  •     Clean out the sink; polish stainless if necessary.
  •     Clean stove top, including fan hood.
  •     Clean oven (if instructed), including racks and drawer.
  •     Empty dishwasher and clean seals (if necessary).
  •     Empty trash and clean receptacle, replace bag.
  •     Clean and dust any other areas. (Including knick knacks and baseboards).
  •     Vacuum and mop our way out.


Bedroom Areas


  •     Check for cobwebs and dust everything high up.
  •     Dust blinds and drapes also spot clean inside windows and do mirrors.
  •     Dust all other furniture, including pictures, knick-knacks and baseboards, etc.
  •     Spot clean walls, and clean light switches.
  •     Vacuum floors and underneath any furniture.
  •     Mop our way out.


Other Areas


  •     Spot clean doors (including sliding glass) and handles.
  •     Clean and dust air conditioner vents and returns.
  •     Check air conditioner filters
  •     Change air conditioner filters when necessary.
Floor cleaning

Service Areas:

  • Sammamish
  • Issaquah
  • Bellevue
  • Kirkland
  • Redmond
  • Mercer Island
  • Newcastle